About Euro Trucking



Euro Trucking is a company that only works for logistics service providers. We want to preserve our neutrality. In order to be able to deliver our customers the needed trucks and drivers for the day.


The company was founded by Jef Segers in 2015. Euro Trucking never stopped growing ever since.

Located in different countries such as Bulgaria and Romania, the company tries to become a leading service company for the logistics branch.


Euro Trucking chooses deliberately to work with selected subcontractors working under contract and the intention is to offer the highest quality according to the standard of Euro Trucking and its clients. The drivers of our subcontractors obviously receive mandatory training that is provided, but beyond Euro Trucking organize specific training for drivers and subcontractors so that they are always prepared to take the necessary and appropriate actions in service of our customers.


Through years of experience in the transportation industry Euro Trucking management has a specific business model that relies on a high flexibility and a dedicated service for the benefit of the logistics service provider.


Euro Trucking works exclusively for logistics service providers and not for the industry.


By this choice we want to clearly demonstrate that we are not a competitor in any way, but a pure service company that gives you the ability to focus yourself on your "core business".


Euro Trucking


Administrational site:

Condosko Business Center

Office 10

Transportna Street

BG 8008 Burgas


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