Euro Trucking's mission


Extra service & Great flexibility = your profit


It is every companies intention to specialize in their core business.


Euro Trucking only works for logistic service providers, so we want to preserve our neutrality, and we deliver our customers for their needs of the day the necessary trucks (with trailers) and drivers, to transport at the requested times their loads from point A to point B.


Our customers guarantee the optimal load, which is their "core business" and service to their customers. By not working for the industry, we can focus on the most ideal service from our planning and drivers and the perfect condition of our vehicles, so to transport the cargo / trailer of our client.


Our vehicles are among the latest models of EURO 5 and 6 and are equipped with the newest technology to our customers to provide, such as sending of signed document for unloading / loading site, automated status messages, geofencing, access to our track and trace through your log in is the best form of communication with our customers.


Due to the ongoing training we provide for our drivers and administrative staff, they remain up to date on the latest developments in legislation an materials.


Through these aspects, we can offer our customers the most competitive price possible, they do not need to invest in additional vehicles and staff, by the rapid form of communication to win billing time what their cash flow benefits to our customers.

Euro Trucking


Administrational site:

Condosko Business Center

Office 10

Transportna Street

BG 8008 Burgas


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